Peterson Elementary is proud to have two bands, beginning band and concert band. Students entering 5th grade can audition for beginning band and typically continue to be in concert band for 6th through 8th grade. Beginning band rehearses Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:30AM - 8:15AM and Concert band rehearses Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30AM - 8:15AM. Students meet for sectional rehearsals throughout the week during regular school hours.

Would you like to audition for band?

Your child will be in 5th grade in the Fall of 2017 and will now be eligible to participate in Peterson’s Band Program. Peterson’s bands have a long tradition of musical excellence, and have received some of the highest possible rankings – Division I and II Superior – at CPS music festivals for several years in a row. Band membership gives our students an additional boost when applying to selective enrollment high schools. Many students have successfully made it into the top bands at selective CPS high schools including Northside, Lane Tech, Whitney Young, Lincoln Park, and Von Steuben.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My child is in choir, can he/she still join band?
A: Yes. In fact, a majority of our students are in both choir and band

Q: What kinds of instruments are available in band?
A: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, French horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Percussion

Q: My son/daughter has not played any of these instruments before; can he/she still join?
A: Yes. We will teach your child everything they need to know to play these instruments

Q: Do I need to rent/buy instruments?
A: For 5th graders – No. Peterson is in the unique position of being able to provide free instruments for all incoming 5th grade band members who audition and turn in the attached form before the deadline.

Q: Who chooses the instrument for my child?
A: We will work with your son/daughter to select an instrument on which they can achieve their full musical potential. However, the final decision rests with the band director.

Q: What is the selection process like? (Trying Out)

  • The first step is to fill out and turn in the attached form to Mr. Villesvik no later than Friday, June 9th
  • All students who would like to be in band must also go through the audition process
  • At the audition, each student will be asked to perform 2 pieces on his/her recorder. Students may perform any song that they have learned in Mr. Villesvik’s class or Ms. Thomas’ class
  • Auditions will take place during the school day. Students will be pulled from class one at a time. Students do not audition in front of each other
  • All Beginning Band Auditions will be completed by Friday, June 16th
  • Beginning Band Roster will be posted Monday, June 19th

Characteristics of a Potential Band Member

  • Good academic record (A’s and B’s in all classes)
  • Excellent attendance record
  • Recommendation from 4th grade classroom teacher

Responsibility Factor

  • Does the student have a well-organized music binder?
  • Has the student been diligent about bringing their recorder/supplies to class?
  • Does the student appear prepared for the day’s lesson? Have they practiced the assigned music?
  • Has the student shown the ability to cooperate with classmates to achieve musical goals?

Musical Aptitude

  • Able to read treble clef notation
  • Can identify different note values (eighth, quarter, half, whole, rests) and accurately clap/pat and play basic rhythmic patterns
  • Is able to match written notation to physical fingerings.


Feel free to contact Mr. Villesvik:
Bjorn Villesvik, band director Peterson Elementary School


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