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We are looking forward to an exciting new school year and would like to introduce our newest Encore team members, Mr. Tournis & Mr. Juhl.  We are going to have an amazing year doing so many things as we work towards becoming college graduates, community leaders, and cultural ambassadors! 

*Mr. Tournis - STEM

Students will be using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to complete challenging and exciting projects that will spark curiosity and ignite a passion for learning. From building robots to experimenting with light and sound, STEM will be an amazing journey into the world of critical thinking and engineering. 

*Mr. Juhl - General Music/Band

Hello families! My name is Erik Juhl and I’m excited to join the Peterson team. I have been a music teacher with Chicago Public Schools for the last eight years, teaching band and general music in a school in Lakeview. I have been so impressed by how warm the Peterson faculty and students have been in welcoming me in my new role here. During this quarter, primary students in my classes can expect to learn songs from around the world, how to play hand percussion instruments, and some simple partner dances. Intermediate students in my class can expect to review the recorder and the ukulele, with a strong emphasis and composing our own songs. Middle school students can expect to review reading and writing music using traditional Western music notation. As of writing this letter, Concert Band has had one rehearsal and I’m eager to hear the great things we’ll be able to accomplish this year.

Mr. Oliveira - General Music/Choir

Welcome back Peterson musicians! This year, we are piloting a new music curriculum called Quaver. In K/1  we are working on singing and playing basic songs, identifying and exploring elements of music, and figuring out what makes music so special. Grades 3, 5 and 7  are working on reviewing and learning more of the language of music, identifying and exploring elements of music, and developing our musical aesthetics. We are also developing our instrument skills on recorder, ukulele and percussion.

Each choir is already hard at work learning what it means to be an ensemble and the benefits of teamwork. This week we are starting to rehearse songs for our Winter concert, as well as brushing up on our sight-reading and musicality skills. We also have our first field trip next month, both centered around Opera and geared specifically toward young singers - WE NEED CHAPERONES! Please email me at jsoliveira@cps.edu or message me on ClassDojo me if you are interested in attending!

Ms. Crino - Art

Calling all artists!!!  This semester we are going to be exploring collaborative art, which means we will be learning how to work together to make large pieces of art representing our Peterson community. You can expect less individual artwork going home, and more group artwork displayed in the school building! Also, while most of the materials we use are washable, please avoid sending your child to school in their best clothing on the days they have art. I am excited to get us all creating  again and supporting your child as they grow in creativity this year!

Ms. LeTempt.  - Dance/Physical Education

Hey there students and families! I hope you had an amazing summer break and are ready to get back to your educational journey.  I spent my summer with my family in northern Wisconsin and southern Illinois. I hope your ready for some exciting things this year! Students will be learning  a variety of dances throughout the year. Second quarter we will be in the gymnasium for a gymnastics & volleyball unit then back into the DANCE/ STEAM room for some more dance and end the year with some student choreography!

Mr. Spy & Mr. Rosales - Physical Education

K-2: Students will be working on skill related components of fitness through locomotor movements. Balance, agility, and coordination continue to develop through speed walking, skipping, galloping, hopping, and slide stepping. Movements will be  practiced during a variety games and relay activities. 

3-4 -Students will work on the fundamentals of flag football / Ultimate football. -Working on hand and eye coordination with throwing and catching the football. -As well as understanding and grasping the concepts of team cohesion and good sportsmanship.

5-8 -Students will be working on the fundamentals of flag football. -Working on hand and eye coordination with throwing and catching the football. -Understanding and grasping the concepts of team cohesion and good sportsmanship. -Comprehending the rules, positions, strategic ways to score ( routes) , and layout of the field. -Next quarter students will learn the fundamentals of basketball, including skills and offensive/defensive strategies.

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